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Re: Problems with iPod

Ed Smits wrote:
No, the kernel sees the iPod, I can mount it (using USB, not
Firewire), look into the file system, unmount it. I am even able to
administer it with iTunes from an XP guest session running in VMWare
server, that's how desperate I was today to get some new music on
it<G>. This is a clean install of 2.6.18, I previously had 2.6.17
running and it worked flawlessly - I had issues with Amerok but not
the iPod.


On 10/19/06, Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org> wrote:

Ed Smits wrote:

> Any ideas? I'm trying to free myself from my windows box completely
> and until I get this fixed I'm still running it every night to update
> my podcasts and tunes.

Is this the issue that you're seeing?


Florin Andrei


If you can mount it, why not just transfer the files you want? Or can't you do this with an iPod? I do this with my iRiver all the time. Just like I was using a memory stick.

Robin Laing

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