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Re: Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux Is Available

On 20/10/06, Lonni J Friedman <netllama gmail com> wrote:
I suspect the problem is more likely the extensionst that you've
installed rather than the number of extensions.  I'm sure that your
hardware is also playing a role.

I've got 10 extensions on my firefox installation, and have never run
into performance problems.  Then again, I've got far beefier hardware
than you.

I'm certain that some extensions are heavier than others. For
instance, Mouseless Browsing would, I image, have to parse the entire
page, comsuming resources. User Agent Switcher, on the other hand,
does nothing until you ask it to.

I am aware that I've some heavy extensions in there. And I know that
my hardware isn't all that. But I get by.

Back to the FP9 discussion :)

Dotan Cohen


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