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Re: Server Access Problem

On 10/20/06, Tod Merley <todbot88 gmail com> wrote:
On 10/20/06, Dan Track <dan track gmail com> wrote:
> Hi
> I've got an interesting problem. Basically I've installed a server (to
> be honest its rhel 2.1), and I neglected to install any network tools.
> I currently don't have physical access to it. I only have kvm access
> to the console. Since I can't find any familiar network tools e.g
> wget, ftp, ssh .telnet I'm at a loss as to how to download the
> packages on to the server. Just to add the server does have network
> connectivty.
> Does anybody have any smart ideas?
> Thanks in advance
> Dan
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Hi Dan Track!

So, what does the server serve.

If files then you have access to get files in.  Copy files to the
shared directory.

If web pages, what services are active (PHP, Python, etc) and what is
run.  Very many possible ways in.

If worse comes to worse, hex dump / editor  - copy / paste your first
basic exchange tool (serial tty from another machine).

Good Hunting!


Hi Tod,

At the moment its a freshly built server, intended for legacy software
to run on. No services are running on it except basic kernel and OS

I don't have any serial access to it aswell. So the only way in is via
th network, or I have to go down to the datacentre.

Any ideas?


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