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Re: Running hot since kernel update -

On Fri, 2006-10-20 at 18:40 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:
> Stating the obvious:
> You should ensure that the machine is as dust-free as possible.  Run
> it with the case open 

Actually, that advice will introduce a lot more dust into your system if
you live in my country. Singapore is blanketed by haze right now from
forest fires in Indonesia. The dust gets literally everywhere ! :)

I've noticed at least one significant difference as well, since the new
upgrade. I'm running it on a laptop and the hard disk seems to get
accessed a lot more, though swap space does not appear to be used. With
"top" I get this:

Swap:  1015800k total,        0k used,  1015800k free,   144964k cached

I know the hard disk gets accessed more because there is a kind of
"gulping" sound every time the hard disk "moves". With previous kernels,
it didn't "gulp" as much. Of course, I haven't gone deeply into this to
find out more, so I can't say if it is real or if it is a result of the
new kernel. One thing though: my laptop seems to respond a little
quicker. Again, not sure if it is the kernel. 

Pascal Chong 
email:  chongym cymulacrum net 
web:    http://cymulacrum.net
pgp:    http://cymulacrum.net/pgp/cymulacrum.asc

"La science ne connaît pas de frontière parce que la connaissance
appartient à l’humanité. et que c’est la flamme qui illumine le monde."

-- Louis Pasteur

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