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PPPOE config problem at boot

Hi all,

I am using Fedora Core 5 and I am connected to the internet using a
cable broadband connection.

I have configured the connection using system-cofig-network by first
creating an Ethernet connection that uses static ip. Running pppoe -A
gives me a list of access concentrators in which worldnet001 is
mentioned (this is same as the service name that I use to create a
pppoe connectoid in winxp using raspppoe). Next, I created an xDSL
connection in system-config-network. I made the appropriate settings
and I am able to connect.

However the problem occurs whenever I boot my system. At booting it shows me

Bringing up interface ppp0          [ OK ]

But when I try to browse sites I am not able to do so. If I open
system-config-network it shows that the device ppp0 is active. If I
deactivate it and reactivate it, then I am able to browse websites. I
am not able to understand why the link doesn't come up at boot. It
used to connect at boot previously, but then I tinkered with some
settings and I don't know what I did, but I am not able to get it to
connect it at boot. Please give me your suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


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