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Re: PPPOE config problem at boot

On 10/21/06, gary <garys mtaonline net> wrote:

You might try going to = System > Network ( configuration) > Edit.
At - Automatically obtain IP settings......... see if you are on dhcp or
bootp. (Directions for gnome)   Try bootp  - though I have no experience
with cable - only dsl.  Check the advanced tab also = idle time out and
restart if connection dies.     --------gary


Thanks for the quick reply.
"Automatically obtain IP address settings with:" was set to dialup. I
tried changing it first to bootp and then to dhcp and rebooting each
time. However I still have a no-browse issue after booting. But if I
Deactivate and again Active ppp0, I am able to browse.

In the Advanced tab, "Allow dial on demand" and "Restart if connection
dies" were unchecked. I checked them one at a time and rebooting each
time, but I didn't have any luck.

Please Help.


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