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Re: Running hot since kernel update -

               Chong Yu Meng wrote:
                On Fri, 2006-10-20 at 18:40 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:
                Stating the obvious:

                You should ensure that the machine is as dust-free as possible.  Run
it with the case open

                Actually, that advice will introduce a lot more dust into your system if
                you live in my country. Singapore is blanketed by haze right now from
                forest fires in Indonesia. The dust gets literally everywhere ! :)
               Not a factor here, we have had so much rain recently
               that it would be impossible to start a forest fire, in
               fact our road is washed out and we no longer have direct
               access to the main highway.  The computer is clean and
               free of dust so I know that's not a factor.
                I've noticed at least one significant difference as well, since the new
                upgrade. I'm running it on a laptop and the hard disk seems to get
                accessed a lot more, though swap space does not appear to be used. With
                "top" I get this:

                Swap:  1015800k total,        0k used,  1015800k free,   144964k cached

                I know the hard disk gets accessed more because there is a kind of
                "gulping" sound every time the hard disk "moves". With previous kernels,
                it didn't "gulp" as much. Of course, I haven't gone deeply into this to
                find out more, so I can't say if it is real or if it is a result of the
                new kernel. One thing though: my laptop seems to respond a little
quicker. Again, not sure if it is the kernel.
               I was going to run top but got distracted and have not
               done so yet, will reboot to the newer kernel and do that.

               The computer has run all night and temp1 has hovered
               around 33°C, I never heard the fan come on which is
               normal for this  box.  However I suppose that with a
               battery operated portable the higher power dissipation
               would be more significant.

               Thanks for your response.

               Bob Goodwin

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