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Re: read/write access for non-root user on usb drive

On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 18:23 +0500, babar haq wrote:
> Well I tried the sub-directory solution but it still doesent allow non
> root users to write it.

If you did so with suitable permissions, e.g. rwxrwxrwx, I can't see how
that would happen.  Though, since you've said you using FAT32 that might
be half of the issue (you'd have to mount it in a way that gave everyone
write access - playing with umask, dmask, and/or fmask - because you
can't apply such permissions with chmod).  See the mount man file for
more details.

FAT32 doesn't have individual ownership support, one particular user
gets to own everything on it (whichever mounted it).  

You're left with the options of allowing everyone carte blanche (which
is unsafe), dismounting and remounting for each user (hideous to
manage), or reformatting with another filing system (best option).

(Currently running FC4, but testing FC5, if that's important.)

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