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Re: fstab and LABEL=

> > 
> > And how about the no automatic editing feature in FC5 (started from the
> middle
> > of FC4 onwards)? Where does one direct complaints on this? It is unclear to
> me
> > and several others why this feature was removed?
> Complain where you wish, so long as you recognize that your complaint might
> not 
> do any good, given the incorrect venue.  My response to Tim was actually 
> intended to help.  (Whether or not it did is another matter.)  Complaining in
> this list about something that comes from upstream seems a bit pointless to
> me, 
> unless you just want your opinion heard, I guess.

Thanks! I was just trying to figure out where to direct it: since no one seems
to respond on the list, for over one year!

> FC6 has a nice manpage for gnome-mount now.

Where is this manpage? I guess I should wait for FC6 to be released?

> and what if users like me decide not to use gnome or KDE? Should
> > they be expected to give up on Fedora?
> I use gnome, so I can't answer your question.

Thanks again!


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