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Re: Linux Windows Internet

Mark Thomas wrote:
Noobie Asks:

    I am trying to connect my Linux box to the internet via a Windows XP SP2 USB DSL box. I have connected the computers and run the setups. Windows reports the the Internet connection is connected and shared. It also reports and that LAN is connected. Linux Network Manager reports that the LAN is connected and active via eth0. I problem is that I cannot access the internet on the Linux box.

    I have TCP installed on both computers. Trusted zones include SSH, HTTPS and HTTP. I have tried disabling the firewall in the linux box. The firewall on the windows machine cannot be disabled (it is greyed out.)

you run your box as restricted user !

find under c:\windows\system32 files with the ending of cpl
( == entries of your control panel)
try: run as (shift key in explorer) firewall.cpl or wscui.cpl (security center)



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