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Re: fstab and LABEL=

--- Globe Trotter <itsme_410 yahoo com> wrote:

> > > 
> > > And how about the no automatic editing feature
> in FC5 (started from the
> > middle
> > > of FC4 onwards)? Where does one direct
> complaints on this? It is unclear to
> > me
> > > and several others why this feature was removed?
> > 
> > Complain where you wish, so long as you recognize
> that your complaint might
> > not 
> > do any good, given the incorrect venue.  My
> response to Tim was actually 
> > intended to help.  (Whether or not it did is
> another matter.)  Complaining in
> > 
> > this list about something that comes from upstream
> seems a bit pointless to
> > me, 
> > unless you just want your opinion heard, I guess.
> Thanks! I was just trying to figure out where to
> direct it: since no one seems
> to respond on the list, for over one year!
> > FC6 has a nice manpage for gnome-mount now.
> Where is this manpage? 

They are working on it.  It is a "Draft".  man
gnome-mount returned this at one time running Fedora
Core 6 Test 2/3 when I tried mounting a floppy disk 

[olivares localhost ~]$ gnome-mount -help
[olivares localhost ~]$ gnome-mount --help
  gnome-mount [OPTION...] - GNOME mount

Help Options:
  -?, --help               Show help options
  --help-all               Show all help options
  --help-gtk               Show GTK+ Options

Application Options:
  -v, --verbose            Verbose operation
  -n, --no-ui              Don't show any dialogs
  -b, --block              Allow gnome-mount to block
for UI
  -u, --unmount            Unmount rather than mount
  -e, --eject              Eject rather than mount
  -h, --hal-udi            Mount by HAL UDI
  -d, --device             Mount by device file
  -p, --pseudonym          Mount by one of device's
nicknames: mountpoint, label, with or without
directory prefix
  -t, --text               Text-based operation
  -m, --mount-point        Specify mount point
  -o, --mount-options      Specify mount options
  -f, --fstype             Specify file system type
  --write-settings         Don't mount; write given
settings for volume/drive
  --display-settings       Don't mount; display
settings for volume/drive
  --erase-settings         Don't mount; erase settings
for volume/drive
  --display=DISPLAY        X display to use

[olivares localhost ~]$

gnome-mount now does it job as it should.  I can mount
floppies this using gnome-mount -d /dev/fd0 and USB
drives are automatically mounted.  FC6 is looking
great so far.  Hope that most bugs are ironed out and
all users expect a better fedora than before.  

I guess I should wait for FC6
> to be released?
> > 
> > and what if users like me decide not to use gnome
> or KDE? Should
> > > they be expected to give up on Fedora?

No, do not give up on Fedora because of this.  Use the
command line tools that have worked for us in the
past.  mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy,.  Make a directory
/mnt/cdrom and use the command mount /dev/hdc
/mnt/cdrom and we can see the cdrom mounted in the
case that it did not mount automagically.  We need to
give more feedback and just like Ric said complain,
someone will hear and make changes and the next fedora
release should be better than the previous one.  



> > 
> > I use gnome, so I can't answer your question.
> Thanks again!
> Best,
> Trotter
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