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Re: nsswitch/winbindd question

On Sunday 22 October 2006 11:44, Chong Yu Meng wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-10-22 at 10:27 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Sunday 22 October 2006 09:59, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > Logwatch, in the Samba section, lists the following:
> > >
> > > nsswitch/winbindd.c:main(986)  Could not init idmap -- netlogon proxy
> > > only
> > >
> > > : 2 Time(s)
> > >
> > >  nsswitch/winbindd_dual.c:child_read_request(49)  Got invalid request
> > > length: 0 : 3 Time(s)
> > >
> > > I could do with some pointers on this, as googling only turned up one
> > > reference, which referred to ldap, and I don't use that.
> > >
> > > I'm not sure what nsswitch or winbindd do, and maybe I have them
> > > running but don't need them.
> AIUI, winbind is only needed if you are authenticating users against
> NTLM (i.e. NT domain) or Active Directory. If you are running winbind,
> it will try to contact a Primary Domain Controller, and I think it will
> time out if it finds none. I've only used winbind once, and that was to
> get a Fedora file server to join a NT4 domain more than a year ago.
> nsswitch is your "name server switch", which tells your computer what
> mechanism to use to resolve hostnames (i.e. DNS, /etc/hosts, etc.).
> So, you probably want to disable winbindd if you're not running on an
> Active Directory/NT domain. Not sure about nsswitch though. I didn't
> know that this was a daemon at all, just assumed that it is a
> file /etc/nsswitch.conf'.
Thanks for the reply.

I'm very confused about this.  I see those messages on both boxes that report.  
On one winbind was running at level 5 - I've switched it off and disabled it 
in chkconfig - but on the other it was not running at any level.

I looked at the /etc/nsswitch.conf, but again I didn't really know what it was 
looking for, so I don't know whether it is set up right or not.  I'll post it 
here if it helps.


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