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radeon_force_sleep argument to radeonfb

It took me a while to track this one down, so I'll describe it here.

The Xorg driver for radeon has a problem with power management. The
workaround is to install the radeonfb (frame buffer) driver even if
you don't care about text
mode. http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Problem_with_high_power_drain_in_ACPI_sleep

So far so good. However, as of kernel 2.6.18-1.2200.fc5, the argument
to the radeonfb driver "radeon_force_sleep=1" is no longer valid, and
the driver refuses to load on discovering it. The solution is to
change it to "force_sleep=1".

So in /etc/modprobe.conf, the appropriate line is:

options radeonfb force_sleep=1  

If you make this change, build yourself a new initrd to make it
effective on boot.


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