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Re: OT: labelling CD/DVD disks

On 22/10/06, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
For years I have applied paper labels to CDs, using an aligning tool, and
never had a problem.  Around the time I got my first DVD burner I read that,
because DVDs have a denser ring population, they are less tolerant, and one
should not apply labels, but use only a pen.

ISTR that a couple of months ago someone on this list remarked that this is
nonsense.  Does anyone care to share their experiences with me?  Thanks

That information is backwards. In regular 650MB-700MB CD's, the
recorded layer is very near the label side (not laser side) of the
disk. Therefore, scratches on the label side are more dangerous to the
data than scratches on the laser side. DVD's, on the other hand, have
the recorded layer exactly in the middle, so is is protected from both

However, you should not apply paper labels to a disk because it will
upset the disk's balance. This might not be a problem n an audio disk
that is spun at 1x speed maximum. However, a data disk that is spun at
x52 speed is very sensitive to balance. Also, the paper could intefere
with the tight tolerances of CD players, notably those found in cars.

Always use a FELT TIP marker to mark CDs. A regular ball point will
very likely scratch the label side of a CD, thereby damaging the
recorded layer.

Dotan Cohen


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