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Re: OT: labelling CD/DVD disks

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Sunday 22 October 2006 14:26, Anne Wilson wrote:
For years I have applied paper labels to CDs, using an aligning tool, and
never had a problem.  Around the time I got my first DVD burner I read
that, because DVDs have a denser ring population, they are less
tolerant, and one should not apply labels, but use only a pen.

ISTR that a couple of months ago someone on this list remarked that this
is nonsense. Does anyone care to share their experiences with me? Thanks

We have heard, from several sources, that the glue the labels use will degrade the coatings on the cd/dvd, leading to short life. I've heard figures of under 6 months a few times.

But this is all heresy as I've never used anything but a fine tipped felt pen with washable inks in it.


At some point in time it was reported that the inks commonly used in marking pens contained solvents that could degrade the disk material over time, which led the Sharpie people to market a special CD/DVD marker for the purpose. Yeah, I bought one.

-- cmg

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