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Re: with recent kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5, ACPI: Invalid PBLK length [5] error warning

--- Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:

> Tim:
> >> On a side note.  I'm told this P4 has hyperthreading, and I see the ht
> >> flag above.  Should I be using the SMP kernel?
> Dave Jones:
> > If the motherboard also supports ht, sure. 
> Hmm, apparently so (according to the manufacturer bragging), though I
> see no options about it in the BIOS.  FC5 was installed on this
> hardware, and it didn't automatically install a SMP kernel (no idea if
> it's supposed to, though).  I've installed on, but I can't tell any
> difference.
> -- 

Maybe I am not following this, but FC5 automatically detects if the kernel
installed should be SMP. My student who I converted to Linux had no clue he had
a second processor, but FC5 picked that up. My guess is that he has a dual
core,  since he was otherwise blisfully unaware.....


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