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Re: fstab and LABEL=

--- Ric Moore <wayward4now gmail com> wrote:

> On Sun, 2006-10-22 at 15:51 +0930, Tim wrote:
> > James Wilkinson:
> > >>> Please note that /dev/hdx device names are going away in the future --
> > >>> even parallel ATA disks (IDE) will be called /dev/sdx. When this
> > >>> happens, references to /dev/hdx in grub config files or /etc/fstab
> > >>> will break. 
> > 
> > Tim:
> > >> This seems to be a MONUMENTALLY STUPID thing to do.  [snip]
> > 
> > Jay Cliburn:
> > > You should direct your complaint to the kernel developers.  That's where
> this 
> > > change comes from.
> > 
> > While I might, eventually (depending on getting myself organised,
> > figuring out how and where to do it, and checking that someone else
> > hasn't already said the same thing, etc.).  This was the first place
> > that I heard that plan, so I replied in the same arena.  And as others
> > will say, it gives a chance for the thoughts to be mulled over before
> > making a bug report.
> That makes a lot more sense than 20 of us half-witters whining at
> developers, when one articulate envoy could be nominated from us, the
> rank & filers in the cheap seats, to present a reasonable, informed and
> defined question. Answers are easy to come by, once you phrase the
> question correctly. That's why I would make the case, as Tim does, that
> this is the correct place (I would add necessary place) to air a problem
> before doing the Don Quixote thing and go tilt at the Big Dev's. I think
> they would appreciate that approach. It shows a little courtesy. 
> If I had their skills, I couldn't do their job. Way too much Fear &
> Loathing of the approach of the unworthy, yammering with gravel in their
> mouth. I'd have to find a Shiny Red Button to push. No fooling. <Think
> Bikini Atoll> I think it was Net Llama that mentioned his BFG? Be
> afraid. <cackles>  
> Plus I agree with Tim that it would be better if we could be left in
> charge of devices in a standard fashion, that doesn't change up when a
> new package is installed, either on it's own or at the whim of a package
> maintainer. That's Windows stuff, not Linux! 

I couldn't agree more! Ok, this is a distribution, but for some reason, I
always thought that once some software arrived at 1.0, it was backwards
compatible. Maybe such notions are quaint now. 


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