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Re: fstab and LABEL=

On Sun, 2006-10-22 at 22:29, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> I do wish things were done more like how it was on the Amiga: 

> All in all, it was rather neat at how it handled such things.  I
> certainly miss the ease that I could swap drives around between boxes.
> Though, more so, I miss the fact that one OS was installed on my system
> for umpteen years with *no* need of replacement or repair.  Applications
> were another matter, but the longevity of the OS was a godsend.

I still have a couple of boxes running RH 7.3.  On one, the last
kernel update was in July 2003 and I don't think it has been
rebooted since.  That version had a bug that made the uptime
counter roll at 497 days so I can't be sure, but it's running
DHCP and internal DNS and I'm not aware of them ever being
down.  Most of my production servers are running Centos 3.x
and have been for years, but they get an occasional reboot
when the kernel is updated.  Once you get to an X.X.20 version
of Linux it tends to be pretty stable - or at least it did
in the versions that had an odd-numbered twin for new development
work.  Those days might be over.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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