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Re: *Serious* security problem with nVidia binary driver is New driver working?

On 10/23/06, François Patte <francois patte math-info univ-paris5 fr> wrote:
Lonni J Friedman a écrit :
> On 10/16/06, Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
>> Lonni J Friedman wrote:
>> > This bug was fixed in NVIDIA's 1.0-9625 driver release (last month):
>> > http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_rel70betadriver.html
>> This isn't what the advisory says:
>>   Published:  Oct 16, 2006
>>     Revision:   1.0
>>     http://www.rapid7.com/advisories/R7-0025.jsp
>> ...
>>      o None
>> ...
>>     As of the publication date, the latest NVIDIA binary driver is still
>>     vulnerable.
>> Maybe they discount the version you linked to because it calls itself a
>> beta.


I just tried to compile and install 9625 version of nvidia driver
(downloaded from nvidia web site).

No problem to compile, no problem to install.... but not working: screen
remains black while booting in level 5 or in level 3 then using startx...

does anybody have the same problem?


L. Friedman                                    netllama gmail com
LlamaLand                       http://netllama.linux-sxs.org

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