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Re: Problems with iPod

Todd Zullinger wrote:
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Robin Laing wrote:

If you can mount it, why not just transfer the files you want?  Or
can't you do this with an iPod?  I do this with my iRiver all the
time.  Just like I was using a memory stick.

Nope.  The ipod uses a database to store all the info about the songs
that are on it, so you have to update that when you add tracks.  There
are good and bad things about this.

How do you like the iRiver?  Does it display lyrics and such for your

I have a 1GB and I think it is great. I would buy another if I could find one in the local stores. The only problem is the arm band won't fit around my arm. :( or it could be :) as it means I have more muscle than the iRiver arm band is designed for.

Display Lyrics? Why would I want that? No just kidding. It doesn't but I don't really care about that. Anytime I use the iRiver, I don't have the ability to watch the display anyways. If I want to see lyrics, I will be at the computer. I do like the fact it will run ogg-vorbis files but I wish it would play flac's.

I do like the idea of just plugging in the USB cable and finding that it mounts like a HD. This was after a firmware update from the iRiver site.

Robin Laing

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