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Re: Converter from pdf to djvu

George N. White III wrote:
On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Robin Laing wrote:

For some reason, I have always been able to find the things that others can't on google. I don't do anything special, just lucky for some reason. I do this at work all the time.

I get different results for the same google search depending on whether I'm at work (gc.ca) or home. I know google attempts to use location to target ads, so they certainly have the capability to tune searches using information about the source of the questions.

Interesting. I don't do the same searches from home and work that often so I didn't notice that. I will have to try it to see what happens. My work connection is gatewayed out east and I live out west. I wonder if that will make a difference. Of course, I only use Google session cookies so I doubt that it could be cookie related on my end.

Robin Laing

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