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Re: OT: labelling CD/DVD disks

On 23/10/06, Jeff Vian <jvian10 charter net> wrote:
While that *may* work, I would guess that the scratch was outside the
written data area on the disk and all you did was tell the drive that
the unwritten portion of the disk was _not damaged_.  A scratch in the
data area of the disk would certainly have resulted in damaged data
tracks and corrupt data (that may or may not have been correctable). The
severity (width) of the scratch would also have been a factor.

The scratch was not especially near the center of the disk. Also, I
was able to read the first 10 or so pictures before the fix, and all
of the disk afterwards. So a portion of the disk was in fact readable
before the fix.

Next time I backup, I don't mind doing an experiment on my old backup
disk. I'll make a light scratch, prove to myself that the drive cannot
read it, and then try to fix it with a marker. I'll post the results
if there's interest.

Dotan Cohen


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