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Re: OT: labelling CD/DVD disks

On Monday 23 October 2006 16:10, Temlakos wrote:
> Jeff Vian wrote:
> >
> > Now that the prices of printable disks (CD & DVD) has become affordable,
> > and the printers for them are available and some even can be used in
> > Linux, I have quit buying the paper labels and buy only the printable
> > CDs and DVDs.
I was just about to ask which ones can be used in linux, when I read this.

> Recently I acquired an Epson Stylus Photo RX-700. I had to use the CUPS
> driver for the Stylus Photo 700 in order to make it work, but I /did/
> get it to work. That printer has a guide for printing directly to a
> disk--and now you can get printable disks for about $0.50 US per disk,
> or even less. Paper labels now add too much to the price of
> non-printable (branded) disks to make them worthwhile. Add to it that a
> directly printed disk looks neater and is easier to clear the player.
Thanks for that.  I have been looking enviously at them for a while, but seen 
no indication that linux support had begun for them.  What software do you 
use to produce the label?


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