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Re: aMule on, Firefox slow

On 10/21/06, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:

Thanks, Colin. The result of top is:

Mem:   1034956k total,   626680k used,   408276k free,    27392k buffers
Swap:  2173076k total,      112k used,  2172964k free,   299372k cached

This indicates that you certainly have enough memory. But you also
want to look at information top supplies for each program to see
whether either firefox or amule is using an unusually large amount of
CPU time.

If you are sharing a lot of files and/or have a lot of connections
open at once, amule CPU usage may creep up a bit, but even with fairly
heavy loads on my 2.4 GHz P4 system, amule's CPU usage ranges from
10-20%, which doesn't noticeably effect system performance.

Keep in mind one more thing: when amule starts up, it generates hash
indexes for files you are sharing, and this causes a spike in the CPU
usage. But it only does this once per file. Once these hashes are
generated, amule saves them permanently; next time you start it, it
will only scan new files.

 Colin Brace

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