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Re: How does Firefox 2 get added?

Joe Smith wrote:
Matthew Miller wrote:
In short, there's no compelling reason to go to Firefox 2.0, and Fedora will
probably skip it.

Having gone ahead and installed Christopher Aillon's test packages on my
devel-tree machine, this seems like a really good decision to me.

He mentions technical reasons to avoid it, but I can't entirely follow the discussion.

Can anyone explain succinctly why my FC5 can process a dozen updates a week, including kernel updates, but this one is "just too much trouble"?

Fedora version of Firefox has pango related patches which enable better I18N support that would be need to be updated,tested and vetted through Mozilla for example. The decision of doing a major update like this is generally left to the software developer and maintainer of the package and obviously he doesnt believe that the current version is worth the effort to provide as a update in this case. Experimental versions have been posted to fedora-devel list. If users really want it, they can use that.


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