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Re: Upgrading from RedHat (7.2)

Todd Simi wrote:

Is there an method of upgrade from RedHat 7.2 to FC5 that won't require a backup and selective restore after completely overwriting the OS that's on it right now?


Well, that is kind of a big change. If I were you, I would think about backing up /home and /etc directories to a separate medium (maybe DVDs or to another hard disk). Then I would install FC5.

If your /home is on separate partition, you could leave it untouched. That way you would retain your /home as it is in the new installation. However, you need to know your user's UIDs beforehand so that you create the new users in the new installation with the same UIDs. Also, before logging into the new GUI, it would perhaps be nice to delete all old desktop config files (.gconf*, *.kde, etc.).

And then you can recover your system settings from the backed up /etc.


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