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Re: digital camera Q

Gene Heskett wrote:

A neighbor came up tonight with a canon powershot A10 in hand that had some pix my missus wanted. For my own camera, its a vfat file system and all I have to do is mount it, but this camera seems to have a different mechanism. When I couldn't mount it, I tried digicam-0.6.2 which seemed to recognize the camera, but could not initialize it. Then I tried gtkam, which also says the same thing. That left XCam, which seemed to be a differently built program for video streams.

Looking up the specs, it claims to be DPOF compliant, whatever that defines.

Is there a special driver I need to turn on in the kernel's usb section to enable access to this device? I am familiar with building kernels, currently running 2.6.19-rc3.

When you connect that camera, what does dmesg tell you about it? Or what are the last lines in /var/log/messages about the plugging in event?


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