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Re: OT DHCP-DDNS question

On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 23:16 +0100, Bryan Hepworth wrote:
> I came across a better article explaining dhcrelay that is on the
> lines of what I thought it would do. 
> http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2003/05/15/FreeBSD_Basics.html?page=last
> From what you're saying Tim it's better to have a DHCP and DNS server
> on each segment and having that update the main DNS box. I was just
> thinking that the relay one might have been simpler but I guess not in
> reality. It's not that I have a vast amount of machines to configure
> at all, I was just looking for the most elegant painless solution.

If you're "relaying" then all your relay does is pass communication
between remote DHCP servers and local DHCP clients (typically, your
PCs).  You may as well have those remote DHCP servers configure the
appropriate master DNS servers.  I don't see anything in the dhcrelay
man file about also relaying DNS data.

Relaying is required for DHCP to work across different networks (a DHCP
server responds to broadcast requests on its own network).  Some sort of
relaying is not required for DNS, the servers should be able to talk
directly to each other.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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