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Re: Upgrading from RedHat (7.2)

Todd Simi wrote:

Is there an method of upgrade from RedHat 7.2 to FC5 that won't require a backup and selective restore after completely overwriting the OS that's on it right now?


Hi Todd.

As others have stated, it is much better to do a clean install. I tried the route from RH8 to FC2 and I had issues for almost a year. Finally did a clean install for FC4. Things ran much better.

Some applications have had name changes so these wouldn't be updated leaving you a whole mess of files and applications to sort out in the end. I would spend one or two days a month just going through files and links for stuff left over from the RH8 install.

I also found that I had to clean out the ~users directories for things that had changed between the versions. I had created a dummy users and copied the default files into the /home/users directories.

Good luck.

I now have a seperate partition for new installs on my boot HD.

Robin Laing

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