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Re: Bad SATA devices performance

At this time, my DVD is detected as sdc (before were detected as hdc)
using this kernel parameter in grub kernel line:


This appears to say ide modules don't use them for the dvd now.

I'm testing performance burning dvd's now.

More suggestions are welcome, please say me more.


El Mar, 24 de Octubre de 2006, 16:59, Robin Laing escribió:
> ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
>> The problem comes when I burn a DVD ISO in a blank DVD.
>> I lost all my graphical interface to continue working in other
>> aplications
>> (as firefox, openoffice, thunderbird).
>> When I say "lost", I want to say that all graphical system (and system
>> performance) slow down drastically. I notice that "average load" in
>> "gnome-performance-monitor" goes up, but CPU a bit loaded only.
>> Any tool, kernel param, or anything that allow me to diagnose and solve
>> this problem?
>> My laptop appears to have any intel ¿"ICH"? controller (I don't know at
>> this moment).
>> Thanks
>> El Mar, 24 de Octubre de 2006, 13:34, David Timms escribió:
> I have an IHC controller on my Toshiba Laptop.  There was a kernel
> change some time ago that allowed my laptop to work with DVD's and speed
> up the speed of access.  There are two areas to check.
> The BIOS may be trying to run the SATA drives as IDE drives.  There is
> also a flag for the kernel that will enable DMA for the SATA drives.
> The laptop is at home but I am at work.  I sent the info home and this
> was one of the settings I changed.
> libata.atapi_enabled=1 in the modprobe.conf file
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