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Re: problem with vpn

On 10/24/06, Eric Tanguy <eric tanguy univ-nantes fr> wrote:
I'm not sure this problem is related to fedora but ...
I use a vpn connection to connect from home to my university. This
connection uses a java software client.
the connection is established so i try to make a nslookup something and
the system answers well. I retry the same nslookup command 1 minute
later and the system answer connection timeout.
I can't understand where the problem come from. The connection seems to
be established for a very quick time and after that all is down.
The same connection worked fine few weeks before so maybe it's related
to an update ?
If i reboot the same machine on winxp the vpn connection works like a
charm ...
Someone could point to me in a direction ?


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Hi Eric Tanguy!

I am a bit confused.  Are you running nslookup on your local machine
or on the machine you have a VPN connection to?

I would be suspicious that a firewall setting prevents a needed
service?  Kind of a long shot guess.

This might be a good time to get into using a protocol analyzer:


Note you can use it with Windows as well so you could do an "A" - "B"

I have run into nameservers which improperly respond to IPv6 DNS
queries.  Basically they based their firmware on a faulty MS provided
development kit.  New firmware is one cure, eliminating the faulty
nameserver from the list in /etc/resolve.conf another.

Good hunting!


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