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Re: rpm.livna.org FC6 support

On 10/24/06, RPM Livna.org Team <rpm livna org> wrote:
Hello Dear Fedora Users.

The rpm.livna.org team is proud to announce rpm.livna.org repository
complete support starting today for the 6th release of the Fedora Core
and Extras distribution.

The rpm.livna.org repository provides amongst many packages:
- Drivers with precompiled kernel modules : ATI and Nvidia graphics
  drivers, ndiswrapper, madwifi.
- Firmwares : ipw2100-firmware, ipw2200-firmware
- Media players : xine-lib based players, mplayer, videolan client
- Gstreamer plugins

To use the rpm.livna.org repository, simply install the following
livna-release package:


Bug reports can be addressed at our bugzilla:


Have a nice Fedora Core 6, everyone.

Thanks alot guys.

Fedora Core 5 and proud

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