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Re: Fedora install on second drive

John Bowden wrote:
John Bowden writes:

Can any one give me some pointers on how to install fedora onto
a second hard drive (ide primery slave). I have tried three
times now and each time there was no sign of grub, it just went
straight into windoz.

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I had a problem with a secondary on the primary being unable to boot after install because of a Dell BIOS setting which had the slave on the primary controller disabled. It took me awhile to discover this because I assumed that any sane modern BIOS setup would automatically recognize a drive attached to the controller. Dell had other ideas though.

Funny thing is that grub did not recognize the device with the BIOS setting. Fedora itself recognized the hard disk on the controller.

Anyway, check your BIOS settings for the drives and reveal where you installed grub. If you allowed the installer to place it automatically, it might have different ideas than the Fedora installation has for what is considered the primary drive and what drive it installed grub to.

Some modern computers can configure which drive to boot from, regardless of its status as master, slave, pmimary or secondary controller. Maybe a BIOS setting needs adjusted or grub may need re-installed using rescue mode.


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