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Re: FC6 seems to be a mess

redhatdude bellsouth net wrote:
FC6 pre-release was working extremely fine. It would mount my portable firewire drive, my usb drive, and run compiz with aiglx without a problem. After upgrading to the final release, all of this stopped working. It just sucks.

Sometimes the beta works better than the released version. I just completed a yum update from test to FC6 but did not reboot yet. Of course compiz with aiglx, firewire drives or USB now or before leaving test or now on the FC6 (sorta of) installation.

Did you upgrade via anaconda or via yum? The reason that I ask is because the installer sometimes adds major packages back to whatever the install medium has. Of course test to final release transitions are not supported, though I filed a bug report regardless.


We are Microsoft. What you are experiencing is not a problem; it is an undocumented feature.

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