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Re: Want to share FC6 DVD iso using bittorrent

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 9:03 PM -0500 10/24/06, Jay Cliburn wrote:
I have an FC6 DVD iso that I downloaded from a mirror today.  I'd like to make
it available to bittorrent, but I know almost nothing about, um, torrenting.
I've installed bittorrent on my server and I've opened ports 6881-6999.  I
to bittorrent.com, but couldn't quickly find the instructions to do what I'm
trying to do.  Can someone provide a quick howto?

Not me, but the README file for bittorrent
(/usr/share/doc/bittorrent*/README.txt) says how to set up for serving.
However, I think you want to set up for peering with the regular torrent as
if you got the DVD via the torrent; that might be done by 1) starting to
fetch the torrent, 2) stopping, 3) replace the file in ZOD with your
complete file, and 4) restarting.  Umm, this is a guess.

Yes, I want to be a peer.  Thanks for discerning that.

What goes in the SHA1SUM file? A single line containing the sha1sum of the iso file?

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