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Re: Want to share FC6 DVD iso using bittorrent

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 9:03 PM -0500 10/24/06, Jay Cliburn wrote:
I have an FC6 DVD iso that I downloaded from a mirror today.  I'd like to make
it available to bittorrent, but I know almost nothing about, um, torrenting.
I've installed bittorrent on my server and I've opened ports 6881-6999.  I
to bittorrent.com, but couldn't quickly find the instructions to do what I'm
trying to do.  Can someone provide a quick howto?

Not me, but the README file for bittorrent
(/usr/share/doc/bittorrent*/README.txt) says how to set up for serving.
However, I think you want to set up for peering with the regular torrent as
if you got the DVD via the torrent; that might be done by 1) starting to
fetch the torrent, 2) stopping, 3) replace the file in ZOD with your
complete file, and 4) restartingGood guess... I followed your steps and additionally inserted the calculated
sha1sum into the SHA1SUM file, then fired up bittorrent again. After it checked my file, it's off to the races, uploading...

Thanks again Tony.


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