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Re: digital camera Q

IOW, we are a very mixed up country ;-)


So is Australia too then it seems.

I was born in Holland, where EVERYTHING is metric. I moved to Australia in 1983.

Australia is supposedly a metric country as well right?

Well, I had to learn feet and inches to measure people's height and wooden planks (the old 2 by 4), acres to measure land area, also pints and midis to measure my drinks, and pounds and ounces to measure my newborn child a month ago.

How strange is that?

The only thing that really gets me is that to me, metric seems so logical. 10 millimetres to a centimetre, 100 centimetres to a metre, 1000 metres to a kilometre etc.

12 inches is a foot
16 ounces is a pound


AND the imperial gallon seems to be different to the US Gallon as far as I understand.

I don't even want to know how many feet to a yard (it must be less than three and a bit feet coz that's roughly a metre).

Can you guys get any more confusing???

I seriously hope metric comes in strong. I know for the ones in the know it's hard to change, but logically speaking metric makes so much more sense. Celsius 0 degrees is freezing point of water, 100 degrees is boiling point of water.

Where is the Fahrenheit or Kelvin logic?

I guess it's just hard for people to let go of something they know.


P.S. Don't even get me started on the US having the month then day then year for displaying dates. I don't get that either but caused quite a bit of confusion when we were over there.
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