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Re: FC6 with Desktop Effects: loosing desktop?!?

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Peter Teuben wrote:

dell inspiron 8500 laptop w/ Radeon video card, wide-screen.

I'm using Gnome and pretty much default install.

After enabling the Desktop Effects (wobbling and 3d desktop)
my screen goes into 4:3 aspect ratio mode, there is nothing
drawn on the right side, and after logout/login i have no menus
whatsoever in the bottom and top bar left. So can't do a thing.

let me add another horror thing i then discovered:  in this
Desktop Effects mode, you cannot left-click items from the
menus and drag them to a panel for quick launch. Once this mode
has been active during a session, this is broken. Even after disabling
as long as one is logged in. I had to logout and come back to be able
to drag and drop menu items on the panel...

Either it is something specific about my wide-screen / radeon card,
or this is seriously broken.

- peter

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