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Re: digital camera Q

On 25/10/06, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
On Wednesday 25 October 2006 05:07, Edward Dekkers wrote:
> The only thing that really gets me is that to me, metric seems so
> logical. 10 millimetres to a centimetre, 100 centimetres to a metre,
> 1000 metres to a kilometre etc.
Precisely - with 10 digits on each hand and foot, what else should we use? :-)

> 12 inches is a foot
> 16 ounces is a pound

Americans may just have 12 digits on their feet, and 16 digits on
their pounds(paws)?!?

Oh, we can do much better than that, if you look at the whole caboodle of
historic weights and measures.

> AND the imperial gallon seems to be different to the US Gallon as far as
> I understand.

Excellent. I feel like I'm in a Dilbert meeting.

> I don't even want to know how many feet to a yard (it must be less than
> three and a bit feet coz that's roughly a metre).
That's easy - just 3 feet to the yard.

Snails have one foot. People have two. Dogs have four. I've _never_
heard of anything with three feet!

> P.S. Don't even get me started on the US having the month then day then
> year for displaying dates. I don't get that either but caused quite a
> bit of confusion when we were over there.

Until you want to sort by date order, then year, month, day makes sense.


Dotan Cohen


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