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FC6 KDE - some small wrinkles?

After doing a clean FC6 install last night but retaining my /home
areas from fc5 on a Dell D610 Latitude laptop - I find that in KDE I
have no control centre in the K menu.  Of course it is possible to
start it from a terminal using kcontrol but has anyone else found
this? If so is there a way to fix this or must we await a yum update?
Are there any other menu items missing - and how would I know ?  Is
there a typical screenshot for KDE showing the K menu somewhere that I
can compare mine to?

In addition I found that there was no named.conf file in
/var/named/chroot/etc/ - has anyone else seen this too ?

Also the yum updates seem to have a dependency error for totem related
apps - again is just this due to the mirror I am accessing not being
up to date or is this a general problem?

In general fc6 seems like a nice distro so congrats to all who have
brought it thus far - but there are some wrinkles that seem to need


mike cohler

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