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Re: after upgrade to FC6, suspend no longer works on Thinkpad X60

Just an update -- FC6 installed two kernels on my machine, a normal
one and a PAE one, which was the default.  If I boot into the non-PAE
kernel, suspend works well.

On 10/24/06, Mike Zingale <zingale gmail com> wrote:
I just upgraded my thinkpad X60 from FC5 to FC6.  Aside from the
installer spending 20 minutes or on xorg-x11-drivers (are reporting it
as 0 bytes), things seem to have gone smoothly.

However, I can no longer suspend.  Either closing the lid or
rightclicking on the power icon in the gnome notification area and
picking suspend gives me:

``Suspend Problem: your computer failed to suspend.  Check the FAQ
page for common problems''

Nothing is on that page.

Suspend always worked beautifully out of the box on this machine.
Does anyone know how to get suspend working again?


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