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Re: digital camera Q

On 10/25/2006 12:07:43 AM, Edward Dekkers wrote:

IOW, we are a very mixed up country ;-)



AND the imperial gallon seems to be different to the US Gallon as far as I understand.

As noted elsewhere, the imperial is slightly larger than the US gallon. Means that your car gets better gas milage in Canada than the US 8-).

I don't even want to know how many feet to a yard (it must be less than three and a bit feet coz that's roughly a metre).

Three feet to a yard.

Can you guys get any more confusing???

I seriously hope metric comes in strong. I know for the ones in the know it's hard to change, but logically speaking metric makes so much more sense. Celsius 0 degrees is freezing point of water, 100 degrees is boiling point of water.

Where is the Fahrenheit or Kelvin logic?

Well, Fahrenheit set his scale to 100 degrees between the coldest salt water/ice combination as zero and the normal temperature of the human body at 100. The scale is logical, although I find the set points a little odd. (I'm in the US, for what it is worth.)

Kelvin is set to zero at the point where an ideal gas has lost all translational motion, so called "absolute zero". The size of the degree is the same as the Centigrade scale, so the logic remains the same, just the zero point has changed.

I guess it's just hard for people to let go of something they know.


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