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Re: FYI: Workaround for today's FC5 baseurl/mirrorlist problems

Today Ralf Corsepius did spake thusly:

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 18:40 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Joshua Andrews wrote:

Thank you Jef.

I must say that this is a really big piece of shit! Maybe a simple yum
update could have solved this problem for thousands of people!!!!!! Maybe?

It wont. Since you wont be able to get that update without the mirror
list working.

If yum had a better mirrorlist selection algorithm, this issue would not
have appeared ;)

And if yum had a counter part to "apt-get update" the network load would
be less, which would make server overloads and DOS/QOS attacks less

How so?
apt lets you choose a single mirror. If that mirror's down then your apt isn't going to have any kind of super cow powers any time soon. Not without reconfiguring it.

"update" gets a more recent list of available software from a remote repository.

"upgrade" uses that list to update your system using the preferred mirror

yum does the same, only it doesn't require the "update" bit, it works out according to how old its metadata cache is as to whether or not it should grab new stuff, so it does the "upgrade" bit automatically. And it doesn't use a preferred mirror and then die if that mirror's not available, it switches between mirrors until it finds a working one...

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