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Re: OT: the rm bug hit me again

Cameron Simpson wrote:

> | 	I alomst hate to admit it but the rm bug bit me for the second 
> | time in my life over the weekend.  The first time was back, oh, late '94 I 
> | think.  But everyone gets bit by this at least once in their *NIX career. 
> If you use a zsh instead of a bash you can get it to ask when it sees
> "rm *" like commands. The RM_STAR_SILENT and RM_STAR_WAIT options.

	Well, it would have helped if I hadn't re-aliased rm back from "rm -i".

> | 	Oh well, guess it was my turn to play "crusty old phart who does 
> | stupid newbie move" today.  :-)
> The core skill I learnt as a sysadmin was not "don't do rm *" but "pause
> and THINK before pressing return".

	I also learned that some 25 or so years ago.  The trouble is that as I
get older the mind tends to forget what it is...  Uhm...  What were we
talking about?

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