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FC5 -> FC6 my experience

1. Downloaded the DVD ISO, burnt it and began the installation

2. Anaconda starts and BY DEFAULT, selects the option for a fresh install
rather than upgrade... despite this machine very clearly being a fully
functioning FC5 install. Nice... someone not paying attention would be in
for a shock

3. Anaconda then says that it is analysing dependencies... for nearly 25
minutes. I understand that the installer is now based on YUM... so this
extreme slowness is only to be expected. I then get to watch it upgrading
for another 2 hours... yep, that's a YUM install for you

4. I try to re-install my NVIDIA drivers... only to be told that it cannot
find the kernel source. However, that appears to be installed. After 2
more hours of fruitless messing around, I spot that fedora core 6 has, for
whatever deranged reason, decided to install kernel-devel packages for
i686, and the kernel itself is i586. rpm -ivh --force
dvd/kernel-blah-blah-.i686.rpm fixes it... and it now works.

5. Run tremulous to find that for some unknown reason, the interface is
now very very dark. No settings have changed between running it
under FC5 last night and running it under FC6 today. Brightness slider is
at max too. Oh well, just another in the usual huge list of breakages that
go with running a Red Hat alpha test version of their forthcoming RHEL...
eh. Oops... shouldn't say that, should I.

6. XMMS doesn't work.

7. Decide to try out the supposedly spiffy new desktop effects. Selecting
foot menu -> System -> Preferences -> desktop effects... and yes, all my
window borders disappear, but don't come back, so I can't change Windows
or do anything really. Strangely the bottom GNOME panel works, and I can
switch desktops. My slide-out side panel selector doesn't work.

Oh well... lucky for me that I got fed up with SELinux under FC5 and
disabled it completely, or I'd no doubt have about 30 or 40 other nasty
breakages and stuff that "JUST DOESN'T WORK" (tm). Still... GTK can't be
any slower and memory hungry under FC6 than it was under FC5, can it? I
suppose I'll find out.

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