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Re: FYI: Workaround for today's FC5 baseurl/mirrorlist problems

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 21:34 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Mirror list selection is a server side infrastructure issue. Not something yum needs to manage on its own. The mirror list cgi files that were posted here are something FC6 has already implemented by default now. So you already get what you want at this point.

If the mirrorlist returned didn't go out of its way to defeat
caching proxies there would be a lot less reason for the
servers to be overloaded.

You make it sound like as if this is a deliberate thing. If you found problems, file bug reports. If you are talking about the mirror list posted now, that system is pretty new so helps to keep that in mind.

And if yum had a counter part to "apt-get update" the network load would
be less, which would make server overloads and DOS/QOS attacks less
yum update = apt-get update

The operations are not the same.  Apt-get update just updates the
list available in the repository.  And that step isn't repeated for
every other operation like yum does (slowly, slowly, slowly...).

Yum doesnt connect to the repository everytime. Only if the metadata expires which is a configurable setting. If you want to run from cache you can also use yum -C <operation>. You might want to try out Yum 3.0 in FC6.


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