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Re: FC6 and NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-9626

On 10/25/06, Kim Lux <lux diesel-research com> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 18:50 +0200, Denis Leroy wrote:
> Well you could also wait a few days for the dust to settle, then
> udpate
>   to FC-6 and use the drivers provided by the friendly Livna people...
a) we shouldn't be dependent on a non profit repository to generate
drivers for a video card

You're not.  Many others managed to figure out what was needed simply
by going to nvnews and reading the thread.

b) nobody warned me there was a driver problem.  It wasn't in the
release notes, for example

Because the release notes pre-dated the kernel you're using.

c) I've built drivers for my nvidia card before without problems, so why
shouldn't it work this time

d) I've had way, way too many problems building nvidia drivers.  Every
time one changes kernels one is building a new driver.  Always trying to
find the right version of the driver to match the new kernel. Very

I don't know what your kernel & driver version history is, but unless
you've have incredibly bad luck, this degree fo frustration is far
from the norm.  And your (c) seems to contradict your (d) so I think
you're just exagerating the scope of the problem.

I got it to work, remember.  Its just such a stupid, unnecessary pain !

By using a relatively 'bleeding edge' distro you've chosen to accept
some risk & pain.  If you don't want the pain, then use a more stable
distro such as RHEL, where the kernel rarely changes for the life of
the product.

L. Friedman                                    netllama gmail com
LlamaLand                       http://netllama.linux-sxs.org

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