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OT: Looking for wood-grain patterns

I have an unusual request, but due to the eclectic range of interests
on this list, thought I might find someone here with some knowledge.
Any extended exchanges probably should be off-list.

This is, of course, completely OFF-TOPIC, and I beg forebearance
based on two facts:

(1) This is on behalf of a large number of people
(2) at least one of us has spent over two years off an on searching
the net for information, without much success

There is a type of "antique" collector, of which I am one, who
collects and restores old tube radios, putting them back into
working condition, and restoring the finish of the case. Some of
the cases have a type of cheap "veneer" which is paper, printed
with wood grain, then colored and varnished. When such a case
is damaged, it is impossible to refinish using normal techniques,
because the strippers ruin the rest of the "veneer".

So, we are looking for wood grain images which we can print or
reproduce using Xerographic techniques, color, and varnish to
repair these sets.

Does anyone know of wood grain patterns which we could use?
The ones we have found on the web are small patches, unsuitable
for this particular use.

Thanks so much for your forebearance.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
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I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

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