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Re: FYI: Fedora Core 6 CD/DVD labels from FC Artwork

Antonio Olivares wrote:
Dear list,
   There are some nice looking Fedora Core 6 labels
for CD/DVD's labels and cases. Take a look at

Hope you enjoy them!!!  Fedora Artwork people have
done an amazing job.


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Brand new install of FC-6, updated with latest rawhide.

Well, I let the default EOG open the DVD label and sent it to the printer. Got a HUGE almost black circle. Completely useless. Went back to the web page, saw the entry for printable version, downloaded the zip, tried the .tif version in Gimp, it printed postscript commands, tried to change to the correct printer in the Gimp print dialogue, but the printer refused to acknowledge. Gave up at this point.

New release, new things to learn. No problem, makes life interesting and maybe I find some bugs to report that will help others and the developers.


Old Fart
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