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FC6 experiences

Successfully installed, but a couple issues:

Ran into the mirrors problem with Anaconda recording "fatal error". Kickstart and
manual install without Extras ran fine.

Secondary head did not configure properly. I ran the Display Configurator and
selected a dual head display and chose a 1280x1024 LCD panel. On restart of X, the
second display kept flashing. I had to modify the xorg.conf to comment out the
HorizSync and VertRefresh lines for the second head and restarted X before it
stabilized. I know in the past putting in the sync/refresh was needed, but maybe
it's better to put the lines in but comment them out and rely on DPMS.

eth0 came up fine via DHCP. Wireless card still no luck but I haven't done any
troubleshooting. It's a Broadcom card that required ndiswrappers previously.

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